SAC 2016
31st ACM Symposium
on Applied Computing

Pisa, Italy   April 4-8, 2016
Association for
Computing Machinery
Sponsored by
Conference Venue

ACM SAC 2016 and related events will take place in locations chosen to adequately support the different conference activities.

This page contains information about:

  1. Main conference location
  2. Reception site
  3. Banquet place

Conference location

SAC will be held at Palazzo dei Congressi [map], via Matteotti, 1 in Pisa.
It can be easily reached by bus, taking the bus "LAM Blu", stop "via Matteotti". For information on how to use the bus in Pisa, please refer to section "Getting around in Pisa".

Just out of this Congress Hall, it is possible to have a walk in the "Le Piagge" boulevard, along the Arno river, or to stroll around in "Giardino Scotto", a park inside an ancient citadel beyond the nearby bridge.

Conference reception

Chiesa del CarmineSAC Reception will be held in the cloister of Santa Maria del Carmine [map], corso Italia, 85, on April 5th, Tuesday.

This small church is just halfway across Corso Italia, the main street in the pedestrian area in the center of Pisa. It can be quickly reached by foot either from "Ponte di mezzo" (Middle Bridge), the ideal barycentre of Pisa on the Arno river, or from the main train station.

The cloister entrance is at the right of the church facade.

Santa Maria del Carmine dates back to the 14th century, and it was famous for hosting one of the most renown masterpieces of Masaccio (a major painter of the Italian Renaissance), the so-called Pisa Altarpiece, whose composing panels are now dispersed in many different art museums around the world. The current structure of the church is due to works performed in the 16th-17th centuries.

Conference banquet

Leopolda SAC Banquet will be held in Stazione Leopolda [map], piazza Guerrazzi, on April 7th, Thursday.

This place can be easily reached either by foot from the city center, or by bus using the "LAM Blu" line, stop "piazza Guerrazzi".

This building has been the train station in Pisa for the "Leopolda railway", the very first line built in Tuscany by the Grand Duchy Leopold II in 1844. Originally, the railway connected Pisa to Leghorn, but a few years later it reached Florence as well.

Today, the former station has been restored as a cultural center, with different areas to host exhibitions, shows, conferences, concerts, etc..
The main hall corresponds to the old internal platforms in the station, and it still shows the original wooden ceiling.