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Tuesday Keynote Speaker:

Computational Functional Genomic
By Alvis Brazma

European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK
Tuesday March 12, 2002
8:30 - 10:00AM

The last 5 - 10 years have brought spectacular achievements in genome sequencing ? genomes of 5 higher organisms and over 60 microbes have been sequenced and the draft human genome has been published. However genome sequencing simply means the transferring of digital information from one carrier ? DNA, to another ? the electronic computer. Even if we assume that all the genes in the genome have been correctly identified, this will still only be a parts list of an organism. It took science more than a thousand years to progress from quite a detailed knowledge of human anatomy in ancient Greece to some understanding of physiology. We hope that achieving understanding of how genomes function will be much faster. This is the new research field known as functional genomics.

New high throughput technologies, most notably DNA microarrays are already producing terabites of relevant functional genomics information. Analysing and interpreting this data with the goal of obtaining new knowledge about life is the task of computational approaches. Functional genomics is giving computer scientists new challenges and new opportunities, some of which we will discuss in this talk.

Wednesday Keynote Speaker:

How applied technology allows decrease energy consumption through TOU (Time of Use) management: a practical case
By Diego Pavia

SchlumbergerSema Spain

General Manager
Wednesday March 13, 2002
8:30AM - 10:00AM

In the energy sector the absence of investment for the last 5 years in new generation capacity as well as in transportation or distribution, together with an steady yearly increase of 7-8% in consumption is bringing some countries to black out situations where power supply is cut randomly in some time windows in the day. The solutions for that western world problem are infra-structural (new power plants or transmission lines) or conjunctural. In the conjunctural ones, with very early impact on the crises situation is the consumption adaptions by Time Of Use (TOU) consumption management. Shifting the load from peak to off-peak in real time demands intensive high technological systems, starting in intelligent meters, residential gateways, blended telecom infrastructures and massif data
treatment and control. We will present a real problem, how applied computing has enabled to solve
it, and the return of experience after implementing the technological solution, all with direct impact on consumers pockets, environment and quality of life.

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