Track Chairs Guidelines (PDF)


Applications of Evolutionary Computing; EC; Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; BIO; Business Process Management & Modeling; BPMM; Cloud Computing; CC; Code Analysis and Software Mining; CASM; Computational Intelligence and Video & Image Analysis; CIVIA; Computer Security; SEC; Cyber-Physical Systems; CPS; Data Mining; DM; Data Streams; DS; Databases and Big Data Management; DBDM; Data-driven Analysis for Software and Hardware co-dependability; DASH; Decentralized Applications with Blockchain, DLT and Crypto-Currencies; DAPP; Dependable, Adaptive, and Secure Distributed Systems; DADS; Embedded Systems; EMBS; Geographical Information Analytics; GIA; Health Informatics; HI; Information Access and Retrieval; IAR; Intelligent Robotics and Multi-Agent Systems; IRMAS; Internet of Things; IoT; Knowledge and Language Processing; KLP; Knowledge Discovery meets Information Systems; KomIS; Knowledge Representation and Reasoning; KRR; Machine Learning and its Application; MLA; Mobile Computing and Applications; MCA; Networking; NET; Operating Systems; OS; Privacy by Design in Practice; PDP; Programming Languages; PL; Recommender Systems: Theory, User Interactions & Applications ; RecSys; Requirements Engineering ; RE; Selected Areas of Wireless Communications and Networking ; WCN; Semantic Web and Applications; SWA; Social Network and Media Analysis ; SONAMA; Software Architecture: Theory, Technology, and Applications ; SA-TTA; Software Engineering; SE; Software Platforms; SP; Software Verification and Testing ; SVT; Software-intensive Systems-of-Systems ; SiSoS; Sustainability of Fog/Edge Computing Systems ; SFECS; Video Processing for Human Behavioral Analysis ; VP-HBA ; Web Technologies ; WT;