ACM SAC 2005 Poster Session

The Posters Session will be held on Monday March 14, 2005, from 3:00PM to 7:00PM and extends throughout the Reception (7:00PM - 9:00PM). Room to be Announced.

  Poster Preparation and Presentation Guidelines

Poster Paper Preparation Guidelines

1.      All papers MUST be submitted in PDF format only. Please use your Paper ID number (ex: BIO-128.pdf) as your file name. If you don't have an ID number, just use your track name abbreviation (Ex: Software Engineering = SE).

2.      Please send your PDf file as an attachment to: Mathew Palakal at:

3.      Please remember that the final paper can be only 2 pages long. No extra pages are allowed.

4.      Final camera ready version is due on November 5, 2004.

5.      You MUST follow the exact ACM format to prepare your paper. Please pay special attention to the Copyright Block that must appear on the bottom of the first column, first page. The text for the Copyright MUST appear as it is shown in the author kit, pubform2005.doc.

6.      You can down load author kit files from the main SAC site at:

7.      Registration information is available at the main SAC site.

8.      You need to submit your paper and register by November 5, 2004. Later, you will prepare your poster and bring it to the conference.

Poster Presentation Schedule

1.      The Poster Presentation Session will take place on TBA.

2.     Poster author(s) must be present during the scheduled poster sessions to answer questions about the work and should be available during this time.

Poster Preparation Guidelines

1.      Poster materials will be displayed on a 36" x 48" poster board on which diagrams, graphs, data, pictures and a small amount of text may be mounted. Thumbtacks and poster board will be provided for mounting materials. No audiovisual equipment is available. Poster authors may make preprints of their papers available to participants.

2.      Posters be prepared should be easily understood. The content of each poster should be clearly divided into sections including introduction, problem definition (or aim of work), work summary, results, and conclusions.

3.      General guidelines are:

a.      Legibility: The poster should be readable from a distance of at least 5'. Suggested sizes are a minimum graph size of 10" (25 cm), section heading letters of 3/4" (2 cm), and text and figure lettering not less than 3/8" (1 cm).

b.      Heading: A heading label including the title, author name(s), and the primary author(s) address should be included. The recommended lettering size is 1-3/16" (3 cm). This should be mounted at the top of the poster board.

c.      Titles: All figures and tables should be titled.

d.      Dimensions: The entire size of the poster material(s) is limited to the dimension (36"W x 48"H).

If you any questions regarding the Poster Session, please contact, Mathew Palakal at: