Latex users:

After generating the PDF version, please check the top margin and test
that the text is searchable (use the binoculars in Acrobat). If the PDF
version has no top margin or is not searchable, you can correct
that by compiling directly from latex to PDF (e.g., using pdflatex).

Here is another way to make PDFs that look good and are earchable
from LaTeX documents in Linux, particular options must be used with the
dvips and ps2pdf commands. In particular:

1. Make the PostScript file from the dvi file with this command:

dvips -Ppdf -jO -GO -o file.dvi

(Note that the letters after 'j' and 'G' are oh, not zero.)

2. Make the PDF from the resulting PostScript file with this command:

ps2pdf -DMaxSubsetPct=100 -dCompatibilityLevel=1.2 \ -DSubsetFonts=true -dEmbedAllFonts=true out-file.pdf

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