Message from the Conference Chair

Barrett R. Bryant, SAC'2000 Symposium Chair

It is a pleasure to welcome you to SAC'2000, the 15th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, and the first SAC to be held outside the United States of America. Over the past 15 years, SAC has grown to be the major international conference in Applied Computing. It is an honor to preside over the first non-U. S. SAC and the first SAC of the new millennium. SAC'2000 continues the SAC tradition of high-quality, broad international participation in all areas of applied computing. The symposium is organized as a set of tracks in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Logic; Biomedical Computing; Computational Science; Computer Uses in Education; Coordination Models, Languages and Applications; Database Technology; Evolutionary Computing and Optimization; Fuzzy Applications; Mobile Computing Systems and Applications; Multimedia and Visualization; Parallel and Distributed! Computing; PC Clusters Applications; Programming Languages; Software Engineering and Management; and WWW Applications. There is also a tutorial program covering various application areas. Finally, we are honored to have Professor Carlo Ghezzi of the Politecnico di Milano as our keynote speaker.

The successful organization of SAC has required the talents, dedication and time of many volunteers and strong support from sponsors. SAC is sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group in Applied Computing (SIGAPP), in cooperation with the ACM Special Interest Groups in Biomedical Computing (SIGBIO) and Computer Uses in Education (SIGCUE). Special gratitude and appreciation is due the various track chairs as they are primarily responsible for the content of the technical program. The program chair, Hisham Haddad, has done an excellent job coordinating with the track chairs and putting together the advanced program schedule. I would also like to thank Richard Sincovec for arranging the tutorial program, Janice Carroll for her continuing service to SAC in the organization of the proceedings, and Robert Inder for keeping the SAC web page up-to-date and arranging for the submi!ssion of papers to the electronic proceedings, even in the face of rapidly changing information as this advance program was being assembled. Gary Lamont deserves thanks as symposium co-chair. Dave Oppenheim deserves continued gratitude for his service not only to SAC'2000 but also many previous SACÕs. He has been responsible for not only the SAC'2000 financial management but also registration and publication of the Advance Program and the Final Program. Finally, I would like to acknowledge Ernesto Damiani, the Local Arrangements Chair, Mariagrazia Fugini, the Local Arrangements Co-Chair, and all of the Italian local organizers and local sponsors. Without their outstanding job and nearly two years of planning, we would not have such an excellent conference site.

We hope that you will find the symposium both enjoyable and valuable, and also enjoy the architectural, cultural and natural beauty of Villa Olmo, Como, and Italy. Lake Como, on which we will have a cruise after the conference, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and is well situated at the southern edge of the Alps in the center of Europe for welcoming the SAC'2000 participants from around the world.