SAC 2000: Electronic Proceedings

Computer Uses in Education Track

Track chair:Malini Krishnamurthi, California State University-Fullerton
The following papers submitted to the Computer Uses in Education Track in SAC 2000 are available on-line:
Back to the Basics: a First Class Chalkboard and More
Ng S.T. ChongInstitute of Advanced Studies/United Nations University + University of Tokyo
Masao SakauchiInstitute of Industrial Science/University of Tokyo

Whiteboards, unlike their physical counterparts (i.e., chalkboards), have found very little use in electronic courses. In this paper, we present an extensible framework that we have developed to make whiteboards more suitable for distance education use. A prototype written in Java™ is now being evaluated. Our solution aims to promote the use of whiteboard as an authoring tool for producing quality lecture contents in a format that can be delivered in synchronous or asynchronous mode over a network. We believe that a solution based on the chalkboard metaphor will provide teachers, especially those who are new to information and communication technology (ICT) with a natural and easy transition toward integrating ICT in pedagogy.

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