SAC 2000: Electronic Proceedings

PC Clusters Applications Track

Track chair:Don Morton, The University of Montana
Adapative Use of a Cluster of PCs for Data Warehousing Applications: Some Problems and Issues
Amit Rudra, Raj Gopalan, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
Using the VI Architecture to Build Distributed, Multithreaded Runtime Systems: A Case Study
L. Bouge, J.-F. Mehaut, R. Namyst, L. Prylli, LIP, France
A Sorting Algorithm on a PC Cluster
Janez Brest, Aleksander Vreze, Viljem Zumer, University of Maribor, Slovenia
An Asynchronous Protocol for Release Consistent Distributed Shared Memory Systems
Jaeheung Yeo, Heon Y. Yeom, Seoul National University, Korea
Taesoon Park Sejong University, Korea