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Presented at Programming Languages Track of SAC'2000 in Villa Olmo, Como, Italy

Operational Semantics of Rewriting with the On-demand Evaluation Strategy

Kazuhiro Ogata and Kokichi Futatsugi
Graduate School of Information Science
Tatsunokuchi, Ishikawa 923-1292, JAPAN
{ogata, kokichi}


The on-demand evaluation strategy (abbr. the on-demand E-strategy) is an extension of the evaluation strategy (abbr. the E-strategy) initiated by OBJ2. The strategy removes the restriction that the E-strategy imposes on constructing rewrite rules: if non-variable terms are put on lazy positions in the left sides, some terms cannot be rewritten as intended. We have written the operational semantics of rewriting with the on-demand E-strategy in CafeOBJ so that we can deeply understand rewriting with the on-demand E-strategy. The operational semantics can be used to observe the dynamic behavior of rewriting with the on-demand E-strategy thanks to the executability of CafeOBJ. A hint about the use of the on-demand E-strategy is given as well.


operational semantics, reduction strategy, the E-strategy, CafeOBJ

Kazuhiro Ogata
Mon Nov 29 13:47:22 JST 1999

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