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A Framework for Creating and Playing Distributed Multimedia Information Systems with QoS Requirements

Costas Mourlas
Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus
75 Kallipoleos str., CY-1678 Nicosia, Cyprus


The design of services to support continuous media differs significantly from that of services to support only traditional textual data. The continuous media applications have an implied temporal dimension, i.e. they are presented at a particular rate for a particular length of time and if the required rate of presentation is not met the integrity of these media is destroyed. We present a set of language constructs suitable for the definition of the required QoS and the real-time dimension of the media that participate in a multimedia application. We study also new methods that provide low-level support to these language constructs and supply at runtime the required level of QoS requirements to a set of distributed multimedia applications.

Keywords:Distributed Multimedia, Quality of Service, Resource Management, Operating System Support.


Costas Mourlas

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