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Extending the NEFCLASS System


The most significant modification to NEFCLASS was to introduce a matrix tex2html_wrap_inline428 containing the misclassification costs. This is basically a n by (n+1) matrix, where the tex2html_wrap_inline434 represent the costs caused if the system classifies a pattern of class i as class j, or as ambiguous (j=n+1). The diagonal elements tex2html_wrap_inline442 are usually equal to 0, all other elements are set to 1 by default. If the domain bears asymmetries of the classes this matrix allows rather fine and intuitive adaption of the errors.

The next sections describe the modifications, that had to be performed to take this misclassification cost matrix into account.

Aljoscha Klose
Mon Nov 29 17:03:10 MET 1999