4. OMAR Programming with PC++


The transition from modeling to programming in OMAR is seamless. In other words, in both cases the developer uses the object oriented paradigm and exploits automated support for the generation of the final relational application. PC++ is a C++ with added mechanisms for the management of object persistency onto relational DMBSs. Programming relational applications with PC++ is made simpler because the programmer can model persistent classes directly, by using the DBClass declaration provided by PC++. The latter will be responsible for compiling these constructs, generating the equivalent C++ code, including the low level SQL instructions to handle the communication with the RDBMS. In particular, PC++ generates modules for communicating with an ODBC server.

Similar environments are POET  [8] and Persistence  [7]. As opposed to PC++, POET is not open to different RDBMS platforms, whereas Persistence realizes open RDBMS connectivity by using different techniques, like the manipulation of the class constructors.

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