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Muhammad Abaidullah ANWAR and Takaichi YOSHIDA,
Kyushu Institute of Technology,
680-4 Kawazu, Iizuka, 820-8502 JAPAN
{takaichi, anwar}


Travelling is a part of human beings day-to-day life. The huge and complicated road network in a country makes it difficult to find a shortest (best) route for travelling from one place to another. Many shorts route finding algorithms have been designed. Since route finding involves a massive and complicated road network data therefore, it is necessary to arrange the data in such a way that it's retrieval, especially a part of the road or road sub-network in a specific part of the country, should be efficient and unnecessary data processing is avoided. This paper presents an object-oriented road network data model in which we divide the road into road segments and road network into road sub-networks, into levels in which a country is divided administratively, i.e. prefectures, cities, etc. We have implemented the model for shortest route finding.


GIS, Dijkstra's Algorithm, Road Segmentation, Object-oriented Database.

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M.Abaidullah ANWAR

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