SAC 2000: Electronic Proceedings

Fuzzy Applications Track

Track chair:Ernesto Damiani, Universit di Milano
Information Granulation for Concept Formation
W. Pedrycz, University of Alberta, Canada
A. V. Vasilakos, Foundation for Research And Technology, Greece,
A. Gacek, Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment, Poland
Mining Functional Dependencies from Fuzzy Relational Databases
Shyue-Liang Wang, Jenn-Shing Tsai, Tzung-Pei Hong, I-Shou University, Taiwan
Uncertainty Handling in Spatial Relationships
M. Vazirgiannis, Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece
User Adaptive Models Based on Similarity
Francesca Arcelli Fontana, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Ferrante Formato, University of Salerno, Italy
Controlling Asymmetric Errors in Neuro-Fuzzy Classification
Aljoscha Klose, Rudolf Kruse, University of Magdeburg, Germany,
Karsten Schulz, Ulrich Thonnessen, FGAN/FOM, Germany
Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Systems
L. C. Jain, University of South Australia, Australia
A Fuzzy Approach to the Geography of Industrial Districts
G. Facchinetti, G. Mastroleo, S. Paba, University of Modena, Italy
Semantic Discrimination Analysis for Feature Selection
James F. Baldwin, Trevor P. Martin, Christiane Ponsan, University of Bristol, UK
An Evolutionary Hybrid Approach to the Design of a Decision Support System
V. Loia, A. Staiano, R. Tagliaferri, Università di Salerno, Italy
S. Sessa, Università Federico II, Italy
Fix-Mundis for Fuzzy IF-THEN Rule Bases with Standard Compositional Rule of Inference Interpretation
Karl-Heinz Temme, Madjid Fathi, University of Dortmund, Germany
*Mining Fuzzy Rules from Quantitative Data Based on the AprioriTid Algorithm
Tzung-Pei Hong, Chan-Sheng Kuo, Sheng-Chai Chi, Shyue-Liang Wang, I-Shou Univ, Taiwan
Short papers marked with '*'