SAC 2000: Electronic Proceedings

Computational Science Track

Track chair:S. Lakshmivarahan, University of Oklahoma
A Parallel Algorithm for NonLinear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations
Ruth E. Shaw, University of New Brunswick, Canada
The Calculation of Average Distance in Mesh Structures
Zhizhang Shen, Plymouth State College, USA
Optimal Configuration of a Command and Control Network: Balancing Performance and Reconfiguration Constraints
L.Jonathan Dowell, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
A New 3D Adaptive Finite Element Scheme with 1-Irregular Hexahedral Element Meshes
D. Morton, The University of Montana, USA
John M. Tyler, Lousiana State University, USA
Managing Scientific Computations with a Java-based Schema Extension Facility
Greg Riccardi, Samuel J. Eaves II, Larry Dennis, Florida State University, USA
A Clustering Approach to Multi-Model Ensemble Analysis Using SAMEX Data
Ahmad Alhamed, S. Lakshmivarahan, University of Oklahoma, USA