SAC 2000: Electronic Proceedings

Biomedical Computing Track

Track chair:Donna Mooney, University of Arkansas
Warren Jones, University of Alabama
Analyzing Human Gait Patterns for Malfunction Detection
Monika Kohle, Dieter Merkl, Technische Universitat Wien, Austria
Data Mining for Preterm Birth Prediction
Linda Goodwin, Duke University, USA
Sean Maher, GrayCrane Inc., USA
Extending Case-Based Reasoning by Discovering and Using Image Features in IVF
Igor Jurisica, University of Toronto, Canada
Janice Glasgow, Queen's University, Canada
Functions, Rules and Models: Three Complementary Techniques for Analyzing Strength Data
Juan Pedro Caraca-Valente, Ignacio Lopez-Chavarrias, Cesar Montes, Campus de Montegancedo s/n, Spain
Genome-wide Polymerase Chain Reaction Primer Design
Hai-Hui Huang USA
G.E. Hedrick, Robert Burnap, Oklahoma State University, USA
Haobo Liu, Cerner Corporation, USA
Knowledge Discovery from Sparse Pharmacokinetic Data
Ray R. Hashemi, Charles Epperson, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA
Alexander A. Tyler, University College Cork, Ireland
John F. Young, National Center for Toxicological Research, USA
EEGSolver - Brain Activity and Genetic Algorithms
Paulo Aguiar, Andre David, Sandra Paulo, Agostinho Rosa, LaSEEB, Portugal