1999 Syposium for Applied Computing (ACM SAC'99)


Intelligent Pattern Recognition and Applications
Prof. Patrick Wang, IAPR Fellow, Northeastern University, Boston,MA USA

9:00AM - Noon


How do people learn and recognize things? These amazing capabilities have been taken for granted for years. However, when one tries to use computers or machines to recognize handwritten characters or faces, it becomes clear that such seemingly trvial tasks by humans turns out to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, by mechanical means such as computers. In a way, the study of pattern recognition and artificial intelligence attempt to simulate the mechanisms of the humban brain. This tutorial will present some inside views of pattern recognition techniques using artificial intelligence (AI) and neural network (NN) methodologies. Some of the topics include learning and inferencing, supervised and non-supervised learning, the four main approaches to pattern recognition, and knowledge representation and semantic networks. The tutorial will present the application of these methodologies to several important problems including optical character recognition (OCR), zip-code recognition, bank check recognition, industrial parts inspection, scene analysis and image understanding, computer vision, and learning.

The Presenter

Dr. Patrick S. Wang is an IAPR Fellow, professor of computer science at Northeastern University, MIT research consultant, and adjunct faculty of computer science at Harvard University Extension School. He received his Ph.D. from Oregon State University, M.S. from Georgia Tech, M.S.E.E. from National Taiwan University and a B.S. from National Chiao Tung University. Dr. Wang was elected Otto-Von-Guericke Distinguished Guest Professor of Magdeburg University near Berlin, Germany, Fall 1996. Prof. Wang has published over 120 technical papers and 17 books in Pattern Recognition, A.I. and Imaging Technologies and has three OCR patents by US and Europe Patent Bureaus. He is currently founding Editor-in-Charge of Int. J. of Pattern Recognition and A.I., and Editor-in-Chief of Machine Perception & Artificial Intelligence by World Scientific Publishing Co..