1999 Syposium for Applied Computing (ACM SAC'99)


Using a functional language for industrial applications
Torbj Keisu, Ericsson Software Technology

9:00AM - Noon


Erlang/OTP is a software platform for developing distributed, soft real-time concurrent applications requiring high availability. The platform has been developed and is largely used by Ericsson for a wide range of telecom applications including an ATM switch control system. Erlang/OTP is based on a high-level language Erlang, which is a functional language with concurrency extensions and support for error detection. The platform also comprises strong support for application development through design patterns and standard components such as replicating data storage facilities. The platform has proven to enable rapid design and quick deployment of products as well as simplified maintenance. During the last Cebit convention Ericsson demonstrated nine products based on this technology. During the tutorial both the platform and and some products will be presented.

The Presenter

Torbj Keisu has been working with software development for the last 20 years covering a broad range of applications. Currently he is working as a senior consultant at Ericsson Software Technology AB, a fully owned subsidiary of Ericsson. Torbj Keisu received his Ph.D. in computer systems from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.