SAC Interactive Programme: Instructions

Here are the instructions for updating your entry in the SAC interactive programme.

  1. Go to the Programme, and find your paper. The title is a link. Click on it, and you will get a page specific to your paper. Note the paper number, and the registered authors name in italics at the top.
  2. Within this, there is a text saying that the author is still to "submit an abstract", where the words "submit an abstract" are a link to a URL of the following form:
    where NNN is the number of the paper.

    Click on this link!

    You may also want to make a note of this URL, so that you can come back and edit your paper's page again in the future.

  3. You will get form with fields for the abstract, a URL for the paper, and an email contact contact address. Note that these fields will always be empty, even if you have already provided information, so you will have to enter all the information every time. Of course, you can cut-and-paste from your web browser...
  4. Submit the form! You'll get back an acknowledgement page which encourages you to check that the new version of your paper's page looks OK.
If you find a problem you cannot correct, please notify Robert Inder (inder\ as soon as possible (so I can try to fix it before others trip over it!). Please make sure to mention the number of the paper!

Note that if you do have a version of the paper on a Web server, you must be sure to include the ACM copyright notice in your document. You should also ensure that the paper mentions that it was presented at SAC'98, and points back to the conference page at

The page to which you (will) have added your abstract is in fact the "index" page for an interactive discussion, managed by Ceilidh, a software system developed by Lilokoi Software.

It is also possible for anyone to post a comment on a paper: simply follow the "make a public comment" link on the paper's index page, and you will given a form on which to submit your comment. Note, though, that you will be asked to first register yourself with Ceilidh, so that we can keep track of who is making comments. Once you have done this, you will be able to post and respond to comments on all of the papers, and even configure Ceilidh to email you each time anyone comments on any of the papers. Note that there is also a link on every paper's index page that will allow you to without posting a comment.

I trust that this makes sense, and hope that you will take 5 minutes to help make the conference proceedings that tiny bit more useful to everyone...


Robert Inder, NEDO Industrial Technology Researcher, ETL, Tsukuba, Japan.