SAC'97 Travel Information

Various people have contributed the following information on getting to/around San Jose, in particular from San Francisco airport. I have grouped it, and posted it, but I have not been able to check it.
there is a train, called CalTrain which I believe runs from near the airport to San Jose. Call CalTrain (1-800-667-4287) or the San Francisco chamber of commerce, or look on the web and see if you can get info about schedules and locaions to catch it.

The CalTrain station in San Jose is within a reasonable walking distance of the Fairmont Hotel (or a very short cab ride). Perhaps your travel agent can find out more for you.

Van Service
There is limo (van) service between SFO and the San Jose hotels. I think that there is more than one company doing it. As I recall it is less than $20. I don't know how you make a reservation from this end (you may be able to just call after you arrive) but you can find out from your hotel or maybe the conference housing people.

The following services were mentioned:

There is a bus service (public bus) that runs every half hour or hour from the SF air port to San Jose. There are express buses and local buses. Do not take the local, it takes too long. This is the least expensive way that I have used in the past. It is not bad. There are also van shuttles etc, but much more expensive and not worth it in my opinion. Of course, the bus will drop you at one of their stops in San Jose from where you should take a cab or the "Light Rail" to your hotel.

It turns out that United Airlines operates a bus from their terminal at San Francisco Airport to San Jose Airport, and also downtown San Jose -- and back: it's hourly, I think. It cost me about $10 I think; the driver said something about it being an even better deal if one is flying with UA.

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