Computational Intelligence in medical and technical applications -

conditions and methods


PRESENTERS:Madjid Fathi-Torbaghan and Christopher Tresp,

   The Computational Intelligence Group, The University of Dortmund




This tutorial will yield a principal insight into the possibilities for

the use of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Evolutionary Algorithms in

the context of medical  and technical applications.


One important aspect will be the basic assumption for medical

applications which is given by the doctors acceptance and the safeness

of the used method.


Accoreding to this the aspect is further given by the different

methods, which will fit the task of the high uncertainy field of medicine.

So it is necessary to use sophisticated methods for development and

optimization of medical systems.


 Some topics are:


 - ECG/EEG diagnosis

 - cerebral tumor analysis

 - pattern recognition on MR-Tomograms




The other aspect is given by the field of mechanical engineering. The

main interest in this tutorial lays in the optimization of fuzzy sets

with Evolution Strategies.


 Additional topics are:


 - material design

 - spotwelding