for Authors of Accepted Papers


Please follow these instructions carefully.  If you have any questions about

these instructions, contact the Conference Director K. M. George at the

address below.                  




a. Submit camera-ready copy on 8 1/2" by 11" plain, white paper.

*****If you are using A4 paper, note it will be copied onto 8 1/2" by

11" paper.  Please adjust your margins appropriately.  Especially insure

the bottom margin is large enough to compensate for the copying onto

smaller paper.****

b. Use xerographic (laser) printer with 300dpi resolution or above to produce

final copy.

c. Merge as much artwork into the body of text as possible. (Artwork should

not exceed 2.33" by 3.33" without prior authorization.)

d. Page limit: 5 pages. (Exceptions handled on a case-by-case basis.)

e. Camera-ready copy must be received by December 15, 1994.

f. Use express mail to ensure timely delivery.

g. It is expected that all papers with contingent acceptance will be revised

in  accordance with the referees' reports.  Exceptions to this must be

approved in advance.

h. Presentation at the conference is a co-requisite for publication in the

Proceedings.  A photocopy of conference registration must accompany

camera-ready copy.

i. A completed Copyright Transfer form, signed by ALL authors, must accompany

camera-ready copy.




1. PARAGRAPHS:  Non-indented, single spaced, left and right-justified and

separated by blank line.

2. HEADINGS:  Non-numbered, mixed case and bold.

3. REFERENCES AND FOOTNOTES:  Reference numbers in brackets.  Footnotes

incorporated into text.

4. PAGE NUMBERING:  Omit page numbering on copy.  Instead, place page numbers

in sequence on back of each page (e.g., "page   of   ") lightly in pencil.

5. TITLE/AUTHOR INFORMATION:  Manuscript title, author, and affiliation

should appear centered on first page, in that order. Title should be all

caps. Do NOT use professional title s or list degrees (Dr., PhD, MD, etc.).

List a one-line affiliation (e.g., university of corporate employer).  If you

wish to give a mailing address, place it between end of text and references.

6. COPYRIGHT NOTICE:  Leave 1" of space at bottom of left column on first page

for copyright notice.******Please note this very carefully.  We MUST affix

the ACM copyright notice in the left column of the first page.*****

7. KEYWORDS:  Include a section after the author information with three to five

descriptive key words.  This can be in the first column.




a.  COLUMNS:            Two (2) columns

                        3.33" column width

                         .33" column gutter

b.  MARGINS:            all margins are to be .75" from edge of paper         


c.  TYPESTYLE(font)     Times, Times Roman (preferred) or English Times

d.  TYPESIZE:           9 point for text and leading

                       14 point bold, centered and capitalized for TITLE

                       12 point bold and centered for AUTHOR

                       12 point centered for AFFILIATION (University or Company

                          name without address)


Send (1) camera-ready manuscript, (2) copyright transfer form and (3) photocopy

of conference registration by  Dec. 15, 1994 to:


                        K. M. George, Conference Director

                        SAC '95

                        Department of Computer Science

                        Oklahoma State University

                        Stillwater, OK 74078