Object Oriented Programming Using Ada 9X

Brad Balfour

CACI, Inc.

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Alexandria, VA 22311

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This tutorial will introduce experienced Ada '83 programmers to the basics of

object oriented programming as OOP has been implemented in the Ada 9X language.

Basic OOP concepts, techniques, issues, and idioms will be covered and the use

of Ada 9X to implement them would be explored.

The emphasis in this tutorial would be on the presentation and discussion of

complete, working examples. Concepts would be introduced, small examples given,

idioms developed, and then rolled into complete, compilable examples. All

examples will have been compiled on one or more Ada 9X test compilers.

Additionally, the tutorial will examine the interaction of OOP features with

other parts of the language such as hierarchical library units and protected


The tutorial attempts to present a balanced treatment between Ada 9X specific

language issues and general OOP concepts. The tutorial will attempt to survey

many important issues and not to explore any one in too much depth. Although

the tutorial will stress the Ada 9X implementation of OOP concepts, there

will be some comparison to other OOP languages as well.