Poster Program

Poster Session Schedule
The Poster session will take Place on Thursday, October 15, 2020.
All Posters must be mounted on poster boards/stands prior to the start of poster session.
Each poster presenter must remove the Posters at the end of poster session.
Poster Authors must be present during the scheduled poster session to Q&A about your research work.

Poster Preparation Guidelines
     1. Poster materials will be displayed on a 48 inch (121.92 cm) High x 36 inch (91.44 cm)
poster board on which diagrams, graphs, data, pictures and a small amount of text
         may be mounted. Thumbtacks and poster board will be provided for mounting materials.
         No audiovisual equipment is available. Poster authors may make preprints of their papers
         available to participants.
     2. Posters should be easily understood. The content of each poster should be cl early divided
         into sections including introduction, problem defin ition (or aim of work), work summary,
         results, and conclusions.
     3. General Guidelines are:
         - Legibility: The poster should be readable from a distance of at least 5'. Suggested sizes
           are a minimum graph size of 10" (25 cm), section heading letters of 3/4" (2 cm), and text
           and figure lettering not less than 3/8" (1 cm).
         - Heading: A heading label including the title, author name(s), and the primary author(s)
           address should be included. The recommended lettering size is 1-3/16" (3 cm).
           This should be mounted at the top of the poster board.
         - Titles: All figures and tables should be title d.
         - Dimensions: The entire size of the poster mate rial(s) is limited to the dimension
           (48"H x 36"W)